CHILMARK - Funeral Wreath.


CHILMARK - White avalanche roses, lilac and pinks, alchemilla, country foliages, ivy trails.
Herbs and country foliages. Soft and delicate design.
Suitable for a Lady.
Delivery Amesbury, Durrington, Larkhill and all Salisbury Plain Villages.
Available in many variations of colours.


Order online for delivery Amesbury, Wilton and Salisbury Funeral Directors. Will Case Funeral Directors and Just Cremation in Salisbury and others.

Funeral flowers are required at the Funeral Directors at least 2 hours before the service time, and require 48 hours notice.


Our floral gifts are made with fresh flowers and foilage's which are subject to seasonal availability. We may need to substitute blooms and use our creative licence when making up Bouquets and Arrangements. With these constraints in mind we will always maintain the overall colours and design integrity should flowers in the image chosen be unavilable for your order. If you require specific flower content for your bouquet, please phone us on 01980 676706

Monday to Saturday for £6.95 (added at checkout).
SAME DAY orders need to be placed by 12 noon GMT.
Timed delivery is only available for Funeral Flowers.
We deliver to postcodes SP1, SP2, SP3 and SP4